Sunday 21 Sep 2014
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2CVGB Membership Fee Increases PDF Print Email
Written by Administrator   
Thursday, 22 November 2012 22:18

 We are sorry to have to announce that 2CVGB membership fees will be increasing. The new rates will come in to effect for those renewing in January 2013. This affects overseas members more than it does UK members, for reasons that I will go on to explain. 

It is inevitable that costs have to be passed on when they start to rise, and the main cost for our members living abroad is the postage. The cost of postage alone to the EU for 12 months subscription is £26.23 and to the rest of the world (outside the EU) is a staggering £41.62. This includes your renewal letter, possibly a reminder letter and sending out your renewal pack. On top of this you have the cost of printing the magazine, the cost of administering the membership and of course a contribution to the day to day running costs of the club. 


Further to the committee meeting held on the 10th November and a re-visit of the increased membership rates that were proposed at the August meeting, the following prices have been agreed by the committee, after further lengthy discussions.


UK membership will remain at £25 for those that choose to pay by direct debit. For those who pay by cash/cheque and Worldpay payments, the price will increase to £30. The one off administration charge for new members will remain at £2.50. This is change due to the substantial difference in administration costs between direct debit and other methods of payment.


The EU membership fee will increase to £50 with an administration charge of £3.50 for new members.


Worldwide (outside EU & UK) the membership will increase to £65 with an administration charge of £4.50 for new members.


We appreciate this is large increase for overseas members, but we are currently losing a substantial amount of money on these memberships each year, largely due to the postage increases. We are not happy about having to do this, and so we have come up with a solution that means overseas members can continue to access the club magazine, at a much cheaper cost. From January, we will be able to offer you an electronic version of the magazine online for £30. This version will be available via a personal login through the website which will enable you to access the content from your computer. This version will be protected so that it cannot be printed off or emailed.


For those members who have commented on the fact that we do still have a reasonably large sum of money in our accounts, this money is not there to subsidise the running of the club, but is there to support us in the future and to enable us to carry out important future projects. We currently have large spending commitments with on-going SPOG projects and this is likely to erode the funds held until that capital is recouped through its sales. And this is likely to increase in future years as less parts for ‘A’ Series cars are available and we have to look to manufacture more. Last year our income was £94,317 and it cost us £95,212 to run the club, which meant overall we lost £895. We did make a slight profit by the end of the year but that was largely down to other operating income outside of the normal membership activities, and cannot be guaranteed in future years.


So we had to make a decision as to whether we could allow club funds to dwindle or to take action now to shore up our reserves to protect us for the future and to allow us to continue to support the enjoyment of our A-Series cars. We hope that you agree this is a sensible measure to take. In future, we will review membership costs annually, to make sure that we are still keeping pace with inflation and other cost increases. This doesn’t mean that rates will go up every year, just that we will look to see whether they need to.





Last Updated on Sunday, 25 November 2012 17:12

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