Sunday 01 May 2016
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About fifteen years ago I had a small part in an amateur production of a Shakespeare play, and when I arrived at a rehearsal in the Lomax, the jolly chap playing the jolly innkeeper took a close interest. He turned out to be a lifelong 2CV fan, and suggested that I join 2CVGB, as well as the kit car club that I was already in. Fast forward a few years and said jolly chap, actually Dave Marsden, was now editor of 2CVGB News, and asked if I might like to put myself forward as ModCon registrar, as he felt that whatever my skills in running a register, I might have more time than the then incumbent to contribute the odd article for the magazine.

When the club set up the various registers, a Lomax register was formed, but this soon changed to encompass all kit, self-built or radically altered vehicles. I see my role primarily to ensure that there is a point of contact for owners of all the unusual cars, and to make everyone aware that modified vehicles are just as much a part of the club as any standard 2CV or Dyanes.

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